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photo New Relations
A Film About Fathers & Sons
By Ben Achtenberg

As his son's second birthday approaches, the filmmaker explores the costs, both economic and emotional, and the rewards of having decided to become a father in his thirties, and of choosing to share childcare responsibilities equally with his wife. With his own father, he reflects on changes in fathering styles between the two generations. One of the first responses by a male filmmaker to the impact of the women's movement. Produced by Ben Achtenberg, who received an Oscar nomination for Code Gray.

34 minutes
© 1980
Purchase $89 DVD
Order No. QA-015
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-977-0

"Outstanding both technically and dramatically. Handled with extraordinary subtlety, and with full respect for the perspectives of both sexes." Robert S. Weiss, PhD

"A sensitive and gentle film. While it is a sobering look at the responsibilities of parenthood, it also provides a reassuring example of the growth and enrichment that can be an integral aspect of parenting." Deryck Calderwood, PhD, SIECUS Report

Awards & Conference Screenings
Award Winner, New England Film Festival
National Mental Health Association
American Film Festival
Grierson Film Seminar, Ontario
Festikon, the Netherlands

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