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photo Finding Your Way
By Ben Achtenberg
for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

While cancer treatment has become significantly more effective, it often includes procedures which are painful and frightening for the patient. At Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, adult and adolescent patients are learning a variety of simple behavioral techniques which help them to understand their physiological reactions to treatment, to reduce their anxiety level, and to cope more effectively with pain and discomfort. Finding Your Way observes patients learning techniques of breathing control, affirmation, and visualization, and later using these tools while undergoing treatments which include a bone marrow aspiration and biopsy. Produced by Oscar nominee Ben Achtenberg (Code Gray.) Study Guide included.

22 minutes
© 1989
Purchase $89.00 DVD
Order No. QA-036

"A good introduction to pain management, and a practical teaching tool for both patients and staff." Mary Vachon, RN, PhD, Clark Institute of Psychiatry

"Will be of enormous help to patients and families. A clear presentation of techniques which make coping with cancer and its treatment easier." Steven Locke, MD, author of The Healer Within

Awards & Conference Screenings
CINE Golden Eagle
Bronze Award, Columbus Intl. Film Festival
Bronze Award, British Medical Association
Mauriac Intl. Medical Film Festival
Cum Laude, Medikinale Parma

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