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photo Help Me Die
By Lori Hope

This film along with a companion film is available on one DVD here.

Exploring the bitterly controversial subject of euthanasia, Help Me Die probes the ethical issues involved when loved ones, who are terminally ill, ask a physician or family member for assistance in ending their life. It profiles individuals who desperately want to end their pain through suicide, as well as others who seek pain relief through medication, or through hospice programs which will permit them to die with dignity. This documentary invites us all to examine more closely our conceptions of personal rights and social responsibilities.

48 minutes
© 1990
Purchase $149 VHS
Order No. QA-075
ISBN (VHS) 1-57295-075-7

"Allows the viewer to see the issue vividly and poignantly through the eyes of people who are living with illnesses of a progressive and debilitating nature." The Hospice Journal

Awards & Conference Screenings
First Place, Media Owl Awards,
Retirement Research Foundation
Service Award, Sigma Delta Chi

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