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photo Nurses: The Web of Denial
By Barbara Barde & Anne Pick

It has been estimated that one in twenty nurses are addicted to alcohol or other drugs. This moving video documentary profiles several nurses recovering from addiction. It celebrates their strength and tenacity in turning around their personal and professional lives, but also emphasizes the need for effective abuse prevention and recovery programs within nursing and, by extension, in the entire healthcare field. This is an outstanding resource for schools of nursing, for hospital continuing education, and for employee assistance programs in healthcare organizations of all kinds.

33 minutes
© 1993
Purchase $149 DVD
Order No. QA-112
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-948-7

"Honest descriptions by nurses of their addiction and recovery. Excellent incorporation of 'stressors' and personality characteristics of nurses that place them in a high risk group for addiction." Corinne Conlon, MSN, Piedmont Virginia Community College

"Profiles a group of nurses who were substance abusers and details their personal efforts to overcome their addictions. Recommended." Library Journal

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