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photo A Safer Place
By Jane Feinberg
Illinois Department of Aging

This video profiles two older adults who, with the help of social service agencies, were able to recognize the abusive conditions they were living under, and to get help. Philip, who lived on his own but suffered repeated abuse and theft by his adult son, chose to move into a nursing home. Bertha, who lived with her psychologically abusive and financially exploitive son and daughter-in-law, chose to move into her own home with the support of in-home caregivers.

In perhaps its most powerful sequence, a formerly abusive daughter talks about her repeated abuse of her invalid mother, and makes a heartfelt plea to potential abusers to recognize early signs of trouble and ask for help. A Safer Place includes interviews with social service, mental health and medical professionals who discuss how to recognize potential abuse cases: from subtle signs of neglect to more overt signs like bruises or burns. This video will be a valuable tool for continuing education for all those who work for the elderly, and for students in social work, healthcare, and mental health.

20 minutes
© 1992
Purchase $89 DVD
Order No. QA-144

"Very Realistic. An excellent example of abuse occurring among 'good' people." Dr. Barbara Gillogly American River College

Awards & Conference Screenings
Retirement Research Foundation National Media Award

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