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photo Life Support Decisions
By Peter Walsh
New World Media Alliance

This important video will help elders, their families, and the professionals who work with them to understand their rights and options regarding life-support technologies and end-of-life care and decision making. Its discussion of the many issues involved in preparing Advance Directives encourages everyone to consider these questions, and to communicate their wishes to their loved ones and caregivers before becoming ill or hospitalized. Actual case histories, as well as interviews with leading experts, are tied together through a discussion group in which a broad spectrum of elders explore their hopes, values, and fears regarding end-of-life care.

50 minutes
© 1996
Purchase $149 VHS
Order No. QA-183
ISBN (VHS) 1-57295-183-4

"Comprehensive, insightful, provocative and moving. This video should serve as the foundation for many educational efforts, and will empower individuals to have control over their own dying process." Carol S. Goodwin American Geriatrics Society

Awards & Conference Screenings
American Society on Aging Conference

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Awards & Screenings

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