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photo Almost Home
By Cynthia L. Wade

This film offers an unsentimental look at the lives of children in a Bronx homeless shelter. Nine year-old Ranier and eleven year-old Frank dream of living in castles and taking karate lessons; in reality, they live in an uncertain world where waling to school means stepping over crack vials and dodging gunfire. Ranier has witnessed his father being shot, and worries about his mother being raped. "I'm in a school where nobody knows me," he says. "One girl asked me where I lived. I couldn't tell her I was homeless." Frank endures taunts from classmates and frustration at feeling left out. "I want a lot of things: skates and swimming lessons," he says, "but I can't get them. That's how we got to live."

At the center of their world is "Big Dave," a recreation counselor who teaches them friendship, courage and self-respect. Eventually their families make the transition to permanent housing. Narrated by the children themselves, this is an evocative portrait of poverty and youth.

DVD version only has both closed-captions and audio descriptions.

25 minutes
© 1995
Purchase $199 DVD
Order No. QA-198
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-964-9
close captioned

"Invaluable for sensitizing volunteers to the realities of family life in transitional housing." Suzanne Immerman, New York Cares

Awards & Conference Screenings
Silver Apple, National Educational Media Network
South Bronx Film & Video Festival
Association for Childhood Education International

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Awards & Screenings

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