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photo AIDS Work
Six Health Care Workers Face the AIDS Crisis
By Steve Guy

Two physicians and four nurses reflect on several decades of combined experiences in caring for patients with HIV/AIDS. They discuss facing fear, frustration, burnout and grief as they struggle to deliver compassionate care, as well as the rewards of caring for this population. This inspirational program is invaluable for stress management programs, and in preparing students and new workers for the realities they will face. Study Guide included.

23 minutes
© 1995
Purchase $199 VHS
Order No. QA-220
ISBN (VHS) 1-57295-220-2

"Conversations from six AIDS caregivers on whom this infection has left an indelible mark. Highly Recommended." Editor's Choice, Science Books & Films

Awards & Conference Screenings
Association for Death Education & Counseling
National Conference on Social Work & HIV/AIDS
Viewer's Choice, National HIV/AIDS Update Conference
Columbus International Film and Video Festival

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The Healers of 400 Parnassus: An examination of healthcare at its best, this is a portrait of a multidisciplinary team of professionals confronting the daily realities of caring for people with HIV/AIDS.

Undetectable: Follows the stories of six individuals from diverse backgrounds as they deal with the physical and psychological implication of new HIV drug therapies.

Does Anyone Die of AIDS Anymore?: For some patients, advances in treatment have transformed HIV from a death sentence to a chronic illness, tens of thousands are still dying of AIDS in the U.S., and more will die because of ignorance and denial.

Soft Smoke: Many people in rural communities still cling to the belief that AIDS is a big city disease, that it only affects gays and drug users, that "it can't happen here." As a result, while AIDS is declining a bit in major cities, it is actually on the rise in smaller towns and less populated areas.


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