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photo Tonight's the Night
From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Humans are sexual beings from birth to death, but the ways in which sexuality is expressed may change with age. A large and growing body of evidence indicates that seniors involved in loving, intimate relationships are happier and more mentally and physically fit. In this frank and engaging documentary from Canada, three senior couples detail their evolving relationships, while several experts contribute perspective on the importance of society accepting sexuality in seniors. This is an eye-opening resource for college classes in a wide range of disciplines, including nursing, social work and medical training, as well as for community groups, senior centers, and others who work with elders.

25 minutes
© 1995
Purchase $149 DVD
Order No. QA-226

"This video is lively, fun, caring, and compassionate. It shows a good range of sexual and intimate relationships among older people." Royala Crose, PhD, Ball State University

"The best film I have seen in this area. A documentary with a full range of views." Professor, Human Sexuality for Nurses.

Awards & Conference Screenings
American Society on Aging
American Psychological Association
National Council on Aging

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