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photo The Dark Side of the Moon
By James and Tabitha Mulryan

This moving documentary weaves together the stories of three mentally disabled men, formerly homeless, who have overcome despair, stigma and isolation to become valued members of their community.

After years of hospitalization and treatment, they now offer peer counseling, advocate for patients' rights, and are able to live and work independently. No longer helpless, they now help others.

25 minutes
© 1997
Purchase $199 DVD
Order No. QA-234

"Focuses on mental illness and homelessness as seen through the eyes of three mentally disabled men. Their stories are moving, and told with a frankness and sensitivity that is compelling." MC Journal

"Demonstrates that the homeless are not helpless. One of the best and most sensitive films on homelessness I have ever seen." Jack Shakely, President, the California Community Foundation

"This penetrating documentary exposes the sore underbelly of today's American capitalist society in the guise of a generally overlooked, marginalized group. This documentary would be ideal for an hour-long class; it is short yet powerful in conveying the importance of extending the multicultural ethos of 'each person as an individual' to include the homeless, many of whom battle chronic mental illness." Multicultural Review

Awards & Conference Screenings
Silver Apple, National Educational Media Network
National Conference on Loss and Transition
Best Videos, Science Books & Films
Western Psychological Association
American Psychiatric Association
National Social Science Association

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Awards & Screenings

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