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photo A Thousand Tomorrows
Intimacy, Sexuality And Alzheimer's
By James Vanden Bosch

One of the rarely discussed effects of Alzheimer's Disease is its impact on intimacy and sexuality. In this outstanding video, spouses of people with Alzheimer's disease speak candidly about the blurring of their roles, about changes in behavior that affect intimacy, and about the whole range of complicated emotions surrounding their spouses' illness. We also hear from some of the spouses about the changes in their feelings about their own sexuality. A Thousand Tomorrows sets a tone of candor and respect that will help eliminate the difficulty both family members and professionals may have in comfortably discussing this issue.

30 minutes
© 1995
Purchase $265 DVD
Order No. QA-248
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-962-2

"Gives an excellent overview of the many conflicting feelings that caregivers go through caring for spouses with Alzheimer's disease. The caregivers brought up issues that I really hadn't thought about!" Cheryl Lee, MNSc, RN, Harding University School of Nursing

"A wonderful film. The love stories, which is what they truly are, are told with warmth, humor, poignancy, and grace. This is a terrific discussion starter for support groups and an eye-opener for the professionals and volunteers who work with Alzheimer's patients." Kathy Laurenhue, Better Directions

Awards & Conference Screenings
First Prize, Media Owl Awards
First Prize, American Journal of Nursing
Retirement Research National Media Award

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