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photo When Parents Can't Fix It
Living with a Child's Disability
By Dr. Virginia Cruz & Sharon Thompson

This moving and important documentary looks at the lives of five families who are raising children with disabilities: the problems they face, how they have learned to cope, and the rewards and stresses of adapting to their child's condition. It explores the medical complexities and financial pressures families encounter, the emotional and physical toll on parents and siblings, and the dangers of child abuse in this population. It offers a very realistic look at different family strengths and coping styles, and highlights the ways society can help meet the needs of families with disabled children.

58 minutes
© 1997
Purchase $248 DVD
Order No. QA-255
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-876-6
close captioned

"A powerful teaching tool which challenges viewers to see the situations families face when they parent children with disabilities." Sara N. Brown, PhD, LSW, Northeastern State University

"The video is sensitively done and certainly introduces the viewer to some of the realities of living with a child with disabilities. A valuable teaching resource that is sure to provoke much discussion." Judith Sandys, PhD, Ryerson Polytechnic University

"The parents present their stories with sensitivity and offer the viewer sage advice about keeping an open mind and always looking for help." Science Books & Film

"The best teaching tool I can think of to present the challenges of negotiating the complex system of health, education and related services." Steven R. Forness, EdD, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital

Awards & Conference Screenings
First Place, National Council on Family Relations
Outstanding Achievement, Children's Media Awards
Bronze, National Educational Media Network
Silver, National Health Information Awards
American Sociological Association
Bronze Medal, Worldfest Flagstaff
Parent's Guide to Children's Media

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Awards & Screenings

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