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photo The Burden of Knowledge
Moral Dilemmas in Prenatal Testing
By Wendy Conquest, Bob Drake & Deni Elliott

This provocative documentary explores the difficult ethical issues arising from advances in biotechnology that make it possible to identify genetic defects during pregnancy.

Featuring interviews with seven couples who were offered prenatal testing, along with healthcare and genetic specialists and people with disabilities, this video raises important questions about personal responsibility and the changing roles of science, medicine, and technology.

54 minutes
© 1994
Purchase $149.00 DVD
Order No. QA-260
close captioned

"Extremely evenhanded, giving everyone something to ponder, this involving and disquieting documentary is great fodder for discussion of medical ethics and health issues." Irene Wood, Booklist

"Addresses these ethical dilemmas with sensitivity and compassion, objectivity and good science. Particularly appropriate for sharing with parents, it is must viewing for all professionals who care for children and families." M. Harry Jennison, MD, Former Director, American Academy of Pediatrics

Awards & Conference Screenings
Zero to Three Training Institute
Association for Moral Education

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Deadly Inheritance: Examines the social and emotional issues involved in genetic testing, as it follows one family during their months-long wait for the results of the mother's test for Huntington's disease.

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