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photo Stories No One Wants to Hear
By Mara Alper

This award-winning experimental documentary combines interviews and poetic video art to explore the process of remembering childhood trauma. Three of the four women in this film were sexually abused by their mothers, the fourth by her brother. Each woman candidly explores her experience of remembering: questioning her childhood, recognizing disquieting patterns, facing emerging memories, understanding the trauma, and healing. Interview segments are combined with layered images and music to create an impression of subconscious memory, dream and trauma.

27 minutes
© 1993
Purchase $149 DVD
Order No. QA-264

"Provocative and superb. Provides both artful testimony and direct information about sexual abuse and recovery. In its candid disclosures, the video adds another dimension to what has been explored in past works on incest. By its conclusion, the tragedy of loss has given way to a quiet courageousness, and the women's ultimate sense of hope for the future remains a lasting element of the viewing experience." Patricia A. Romeau, American Museum of the Moving Image

"This is a bold, brave video, which serves as a beacon of light to those who have survived the trauma of mother-daughter incest. It does a wonderful job of allowing the survivors to speak candidly about their abuse, and encouraging others to come forward with the truth." Karla D. Needham, Family Violence & Sexual Assault Bulletin

Awards & Conference Screenings
Western Psychological Association
National Council for Community
Behavioral Healthcare

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Awards & Screenings

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