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photo Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence
From the Kansas Medical Society Alliance

Domestic violence is an insidious, pervasive, and unfortunately growing problem in our society. It results in more serious injuries to women than muggings, automobile crashes, and rape combined.

Nurses, physicians, social workers, and other healthcare workers are in a unique position to detect the problem, and to intervene to break the cycle of violence. They may be the first to observe the physical symptoms of abuse and, if they have good relationships with their patients, may be the ones victimized women choose to confide in. This film, with its accompanying Resource Manual, contains the basic information needed to diagnose, document, and refer victims for additional assistance. Resource Manual included.

33 minutes
© 1998
Purchase $199.00 DVD
Order No. QA-321

"Perfect for clinical in-service presentations, this program gives practical steps toward intervening, documenting, and referring patients. It stresses clarifying the therapeutic goal and empowering the patient with information and options. The technical aspects of the video are professional, and it is divided into clear-cut sections so the tape can be stopped at various points for discussion or instruction purposes. The accompanying guide is a valuable resource on its own, but used in conjunction with the video provides a complete package for domestic violence training for health care professionals. Highly recommended." MC Journal

"An excellent tool for training and stimulating discussion. Intended as a consciousness-raising and training tool for physicians and other medical personnel, it is also well-suited to a broader viewing audience." Science Books & Films

"This wonderful production's goal is to help physician, especially, learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of domestic violence. Highly recommended." Video Librarian

Awards & Conference Screenings
Featured, Family Violence Prevention Conference
Honorable Mention, Columbus Intl. Film Festival
American Psychological Association

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