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photo Nuestras Mas Fuertes Partidarias
(Our Own Best Advocates — Breast Health for Women with Disabilities)
By Jennifer Crescenzo
Video Action Fund

Dubbed in Spanish. English version also available: Our Own Best Advocates

Early detection is a vital key to the successful treatment of breast cancer, and breast self-examination is one of the most important elements in detection. Yet for many women with upper-body disabilities, self-examination may have simply seemed impossible.

Dr. Sandra L. Welner, herself disabled in an auto accident, has developed an approach which trains and encourages women to make effective use of whatever arm and hand mobility they have and, in other cases, teaches their sisters or daughters, partners or personal care assistants to help. This unique video offers women with disabilities not only a crucial tool for protecting their lives, but a welcome opportunity to take a more active role in managing their own healthcare.

14 minutes
© 2000
Purchase $99 VHS
Order No. QA-339-S

Awards & Conference Screenings
CINE Golden Eagle
Aurora Gold Award
Merit Award, Superfest
Silver CINDY, Assn. of AV Communicators
US International Film & Video Festival

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Awards & Screenings

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