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photo One in Eight
Janice's Journey
By Cynthia A. McKeown

Janice Fine was only thirty-three when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Though she felt she received good medical care, the only information she was given on coping was a video on how to tie scarves. A friend, Cynthia McKeown, suggested making a film on Janice's experiences; they thought they might call it Breast Cancer 101: An Insider's Guide.

This video documentary takes an irreverent and highly personal look at one woman's fight against breast cancer, which affects one in eight women at some time in their lives. It follows Janice's journey over a period of nine years, through diagnosis, treatment, and the constant search for answers. At seventeen, Janice watched her mother's painful battle and ultimate death from uterine cancer; it became her worst nightmare — yet, faced with the reality of her own illness, she responded with courage, determination, and even humor, rallying her support systems and facing the seemingly endless rounds of treatment without self-pity. Trying to understand what has happened to her, she also revisited her childhood neighborhood, where she spoke with activists who have documented indications of a breast cancer epidemic in the area.

"Part of what's a drag about cancer," Janice says, "is that it hijacks your whole life." But, as she also notes, "It's really important to say that there is life after cancer." Recalling her mother's premature death, she had anguished about whether to have children, fearing that she might not be around to see them into adulthood. Today she is cancer free and has two young children.

57 minutes
© 2003
Purchase $199 DVD
Order No. QA-392
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-979-7
close captioned

"One in Eight: Janice's Journey is an extraordinary film depicting one young woman's experience with breast cancer. It is especially helpful as it explores both the personal and the larger societal issues surrounding this epidemic disease. Anyone who cares about someone living with breast cancer will find this a moving and provocative film." Hester Hill Schnipper, LICSW, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

"This thoughtful film offers many key insights. Because it follows the experiences of a social activist through a number of years, the politics of breast cancer — and the potential role of environmental exposures — are not divorced from the personal realities and challenges that Janice confronts." Judy Norsigian, Executive Director, Our Bodies Ourselves

"Charts a valiant woman's struggles with breast cancer and with the stubborn, often wrong-headed American health industry. A spry, surprisingly dramatic, true-life American thriller, and with an ecological agenda: Why is it that one in twenty American women used to get breast cancer in a lifetime, and now it's one in eight?" Gerald Peary, Boston Phoenix film critic

"With hilarity and intelligence, Janice takes us on the journey of her fight with breast cancer. As she navigates the medical establishment and finds support and challenges in this battle, we learn from her discoveries and appreciate her authenticity and humor. Entertaining, real, funny, illuminating, important, touching and smart." Women in the Director's Chair International Film and Video Festival, 2004

"An intimate glimpse of one involved woman's eventual triumph over the disease, this is a reassuring choice for cancer victims and other interested viewers." Booklist

"Honest, moving and ultimately hopeful, this film is likely to be well-received by patients, support groups and healthcare providers alike. Recommended." Educational Media Reviews

Awards & Conference Screenings
Women in the Director's Chair Festival
Gold Award, National Health Information Awards
Best Documentary, New England Film and Video Festival
Platinum Remi Award, WORLDFEST Houston
Brattleboro Women's Film and Video Festival
Female Eye Film Festival
Long Island International Film Expo
Planet in Focus:
International Environmental Film Festival
Northern Lights Documentary Film Festival
Pine Film Festival

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