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photo Not A Game
By Eva Wunderman
Jeneva Film

Cheap, easy to get, and highly addictive, crystal meth has become the drug of choice in North American small towns, not only for teenagers, but for younger kids as well. This provocative film issues a stark warning to young people of all ages, but is especially aimed at those pre-teens and younger children who might be influenced by older kids to “experiment.” The program opens with young children talking about what they’d like to be when they grow up, but quickly cuts to an increasingly disturbing series of young and not so young addicts describing what they had wanted to do with their lives before they got hooked. There are interviews with older meth users who have lost jobs, homes, families and — in one case — even limbs because of their drug abuse. Some of the scenes shown are very graphic.

A plain-talking physician explains the mental and physical changes meth can cause; he talks about all the things our brain enables us to do and asks “What part of your brain would you like to do without?” Engaging classroom scenes show students learning and practicing ways of dealing with peer pressure, including “refusal skills,” expressing the film’s overall message that “you have a choice.”

11 minutes
© 2007
Purchase $119 DVD
Order No. QA-474
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-900-2

Awards & Conference Screenings
WorldFest Houston Film Festival, Special Jury Award

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Awards & Screenings

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