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photo Cafeteria Confidential
From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Despite public attention to the issue of childhood obesity and the demand for better nutritional standards, if you’ve been in a high school cafeteria lately, you may have noticed that, in most schools, not much has changed. Though alternatives may be available, greasy, high-carb foods still dominate the menu. In Toronto, high school student Allison Ewell decided that enough was more than enough, and set out to do something about it. A smart outspoken teenager, Allison, not only took on her own high school’s cafeteria, but set out to help other students across Ontario to lobby their schools for better food as well. Teenagers will relate to this engaging documentary, following Allison and her posse of food advocates as they go undercover to collect the evidence and testimony — then bring in a nutritionist and a food critic to put cafeteria food to the test. Along the way, students learn what it takes to lobby the school board, and how they can pursue alternatives — in this case, even including starting their own school kitchen!

11 minutes
© 2005
Purchase $145 DVD
Order No. QA-497
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-497-3
close captioned

"Highly Recommended. Though short, this video packs a powerful lesson." Educational Media Reviews Online

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