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photo Not Just a Bad Day
Living with Biopolar Disorder
By Gillian Hrankowski

To the outsider, Mike, Erin, and Martha appear to have little in common, but they are all living under the shadow of one of the most commonly misunderstood and misdiagnosed mental illnesses — bipolar disorder

Not Just a Bad Day challenges the stereotypes of the disorder by following three people living with this complex illness.

Mike is a charismatic young man whose partying lifestyle and abuse of recreational drugs foreshadow a severe manic episode that has him committed to a psychiatric ward. His experience with the hospital is just the wake-up call Mike needs as he begins taking his illness seriously and rebuilding his life.

Erin is a young mom whose ‘moodiness’ is starting to escalate as she swings rapidly between destructive hypomania and soul-crushing depressions. As she tries to deal with her new baby, her husband Eric struggles to find her the help she needs to get better.

Martha is a divorced single mom who lost her career and marriage to a manic episode. Now with continued group therapy and medication, she is finally lifting herself out of a crippling two-year depression.

Treating them all is Dr. Paul Termansen. Through a groundbreaking mood disorders program he created at his clinic, Dr. Termansen offers a holistic approach to treatment that goes beyond just prescribing a pill.

With intimate access and great sensitivity, Not Just a Bad Day details Mike, Erin, and Martha's personal struggles with the emotional highs and lows of a disorder they must learn to manage in order to lead productive, balanced lives, and sheds light on a disorder that often relegates its victims to the shadows.

Study guide included in the DVD package.

49 minutes
© 2007
Purchase $248 DVD
Order No. QA-530

"Hrankowski's film will still be of interest to anyone who wants to learn more about bipolar disorder. Recommended." Video Librarian

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