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photo At the Breaking Point
Emotions And Ethics In Family Caregiving
Produced by the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education & Terra Nova Films

This new compilation DVD gets to the emotional and ethical core of family caregiving. It offers short video excerpts, (3- to 8-minutes each) that reflect on several crucial aspects of family caregiving-from the effects of Alzheimer's on the spousal relationship to the right to die with dignity. Each excerpt shows real families in the midst of dealing with real challenges. Handled with unprecedented candor, each chapter provides a trigger for further discussion of the topic. Each short video also provides a way to help others acknowledge and address the specific challenges involved in caring for a loved one. The DVD is chaptered for easy access to a specific topic and include:

1. A Couple Faces Alzheimer's

2. A Family Faces Alzheimer's: The Nursing Home Decision

3. Giving Up The Keys: Driving And Dementia

4. Complaints Of A Dutiful Daughter

5. The Struggle Over Independence

6. A Daughter's Anguish

7. Dying With Dignity At Home

46 minutes
© 2009
Purchase $149 DVD
Order No. QA-571

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