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photo A Series of Three Programs
Alzheimers Care Series
By Margo Meisel
for the Assisted Living Federation of America

This important three-part video series addresses common but often misunderstood behaviors of patients with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. These behaviors may appear irrational, and are sometimes violent, but by employing the effective methods of interaction and intervention presented in this series, caregivers can redirect and defuse these behaviors while keeping patients' dignity intact. A variety of caregivers share their experiences and thoughts on providing for residents with Alzheimer's, while providing vivid examples of the techniques and concepts that have worked in their facilities. Study Guides are included with each program.

In Wandering: Is It a Problem? experienced caregivers demonstrate compassionate techniques for intervening with patients who wander. Through viewing actual provider-patient interactions, students and staff will learn effective methods of re-directing the wanderer, providing a safe and secure space for residents, and avoiding escalation to an agitated state.

Resisting Care...Putting Yourself in Their Shoes Caregivers need to remember that when patients resist care they are often struggling to preserve their own dignity and to understand the confusing world of dementia in which they live. In this video, Alzheimer's experts outline the best practices for avoiding or reducing the number of situations which lead to resistance, and demonstrate the importance of patience and compassion in the care of resistant patients.

Agitation...It's a Sign When people with Alzheimer's become agitated and aggressive, they may be trying to communicate with the world outside their dementia. Lashing out may often be their only recourse for expressing their very real fear and anxiety. Through real-life patient encounters, this video demonstrates appropriate and compassionate techniques which can prevent or diffuse patients' anxiety, agitation and aggression.

42 minutes
© 1997
Purchase $248 DVD
Order No. QA-904

"The series provides effective skill building tools even for those unfamiliar with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Recommended for public and academic collections." MC Journal

"The best skill-building tool we've found. These materials have helped even our most experienced staff gain new insights, more confidence, and greater satisfaction." Timothy Fosnight, RN, Retirement Home Administrator

Awards & Conference Screenings
CINE Golden Eagle
Gold, Health Sciences Communications Assn.
Mature Media National Gold Award
American Society on Aging

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Dress Him While He Walks: This sensitive and realistic video addresses several difficult behavior patterns of Alzheimer's patients. It demonstrates practical ways of dealing with behaviors such as wandering, angry outbursts, and delusions.

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Resisting Care...Putting Yourself in Their Shoes: Alzheimer's experts outline best practices for avoiding or reducing the number of situations which lead to patient resistance.

Agitation...It's a Sign: Shows appropriate and compassionate techniques which can prevent or diffuse patients' anxiety, agitation and aggression.


Awards & Screenings

Related Films

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