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photo Two Films on Challenges in Nursing
By Ben Achtenberg

The two films described here can also be ordered seperately on VHS.

A Perspective of Hope. In an innovative approach to improving the long-term care of the elderly, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Teaching Nursing Home Program established clinical affiliations between nursing homes and university schools of nursing in twelve sites throughout the United States. This film looks at the impact of this unique project on the lives of individual nursing students, faculty, staff members and, most importanly, patients and their families. It presents a positive but realistic view of the obstacles and rewards of nursing on the frontiers of change. 29 minutes, © 1987

Nursing Shortage/Level III. The AIDS epidemic, our aging population, hospital cost-cutting, and other factors are producing more and sicker patients, at the same time that there are fewer nurses to care for them. Experts predict the crisis will be both more severe and longer-lasting than cyclical shortages of the past. This award-winning video follows nurses in one hospital as they respond to the daily challenges of providing quality care despite severe staffing shortages. It confronts patients, families, and the public with the reality that the nursing crisis is already affecting the way they are cared for in hospitals. 28 minutes, © 1990

57 minutes
Purchase $195.00 DVD
Order No. QA-918
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-988-6

Related Films
Killed by Care: Explores the tragic consequences of medical error on patients, their families and on health care workers, and asks how medicine can be made safer.

Handmaidens: Examines the roots and present-day realities of the nursing profession, and encourages nurses to stand up for their rights as professionals.

Hello in There: Captures the rewards and challenges of "person-centered care" in nursing: relating to patients as whole people, with histories and values that go beyond their current medical needs.

Bodies and Souls: Sister Manette, a nurse practitioner, and a white Catholic nun, runs the only health clinic in Jonestown, a largely African-American town in the heart of the Mississippi delta, where many people haven't seen a doctor more than once or twice in their lives.

Emergency! A Critical Situation: The filmmakers take us inside the emergency room for a look at the working lives of the women and men who deal every single day with the fallout of the financial crisis in healthcare. In French with English subtitles.

Nurses: The Web of Denial: Celebrates the strength and tenacity of nurses who are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, while emphasizing the need for supports within the profession.

Related Films

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