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The Eyes of Raymond Hu

Brush Paintings by Raymond Hu
Introduction by Lampo Leung
Foreword by So Kam Lee

Chicago, 1996, Art Media Resources, Ltd.
ISBN 1-878529-20-X

"We pollute the earth. We are the aliens
in an animal's world. These animals reflect
their struggles. They have human feelings
and emotions; I put human soul into them."
Raymond Hu

Raymond Hu is a unique artist with a sensitivity and fierce passion for life that comes out in his paintings. He also has Down Syndrome. At the age of nineteen he has won numerous awards for his work, has been recognized in the Congressional Record, and was recently named one of "25 role models for the next 25 years" by Exceptional Parent magazine.

"There is a very sensitive wisdom about the animal portraits. The execution of the eyes in particular: each one has a soulful gaze, as if Raymond intrinsically knows the animals that he sees."
Carrie Lederer, Curator,
Walnut Creek Center for the Arts

"Raymond's Bobcat broods at the viewer with a slight grin, not unlike a feline Mona Lisa."
San Francisco Examiner

"He started with the tradition of Chinese brush painting and ended up with something very modern. Every image he paints is infused with his own emotion." Lampo Leung, Brush Painting Master

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