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Frequently Asked Questions
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Ordering from Fanlight Productions
Ordering Procedures  ||  Sales, Rentals & Previews  ||  Shipping
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Ordering from Fanlight Productions

Ordering Procedures

How can I get a copy of your video catalog?
Our catalog is published once a year, usually in August. We also produce a variety of brochures, fliers, and other materials throughout the year listing our new releases as well as related older films. Be sure to keep checking this Website for our monthly Special Offers and for updates on our New Releases throughout the year. Sign up to receive Email Notices about our new releases!

How do I purchase or rent a video program from Fanlight Productions?
If you are ordering with a credit card or organizational purchase order, you can place your order online with the secure ordering system on this website. You can also use the system to generate a printable order form which can be mailed or faxed to us. Orders by mail or fax can be directed to:

Fanlight Productions
c/o Icarus Films

32 Court Street, 21st Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Fax: (718) 488-8642
Phone: (800) 876-1710

Order forms are also included in our catalogs and in most of our fliers and other mailings. Check these forms to find out the information we will need to fulfill your order promptly.

What if I have questions about your programs or procedures before ordering?
Please feel free to contact our business office at any time for more information about our films, or any other questions you may have:

Phone: (800) 876-1710
Outside the US: (718) 488-8900
Fax: (718) 488-8900

Do you accept orders from outside the United States?
While we hold the international rights to most of our titles, there are a few that we are not allowed to sell outside of the United States. In those cases, if possible, we will refer you to the appropriate international distributor or to the producer, who may be able to help you. If you are an international customer it is best to contact us before ordering to avoid any delay in processing. International orders must be pre-paid in U.S. Dollars. Unfortunately, we are unable to send free previews or rentals outside the U.S.

Sales, Rentals & Previews

Are your video programs available for rental as well as purchase?
Most, but not all, of our programs are available for rental, for $60–75 per day or $120 per week. Our arrangements with some producers or suppliers make it impossible for us to offer certain titles for rental; these are indicated in our catalogs and other materials as available for "Purchase Only." Rentals are not available on DVD at this time.

Are your programs available in DVD as well as VHS?
Most of our releases will soon be available for purchase in DVD; rentals and previews will continue to be provided in VHS only.
Our new titles will be released simultaneously in VHS and DVD. We are also converting our older programs to DVD. At the present time most of these conversions will be done using the DVD-R process, which is the most economical for small quantities. There is a small possibility that such DVDs may not play in some older players. If you experience any problems in playing one of our DVDs, we encourage you to try it in a different player if that is convenient. However, we will of course gladly replace it with the VHS version, or accept its return for a full refund of your purchase price and shipping; it’s your choice.

What if I decide to purchase a tape I have already rented?
On request, we will deduct one day's paid rental fee from the price of any video which you subsequently decide to purchase. This option must be exercised within 90 days from your rental date. The rental copy should be returned to us, so that we can provide you with a new, uncirculated copy for purchase, and your original rental invoice must be paid in order to qualify for this discount.

Can I preview a tape before deciding to purchase it?
Preview privileges, for purchase consideration, are extended free of charge to qualified institutional or organizational purchasers. Previews are for one week, and all preview tapes should be returned to us regardless of whether you decide to buy the program, as preview copies have the message "For Preview Only" imprinted throughout the program, and are of lower quality than purchase copies. Previews are for purchase consideration only, and may not be used in classrooms or other public audience settings.
All preview orders must be placed by mail, email, or fax, and must be shipped to an institutional address. Previews are shipped on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have a specific preview period in mind, please call to check the availability of the title you wish to preview. Previews are not available on DVD at this time.


How much is shipping?
We generally use UPS ground for standard shipments, and UPS expedited services for rush shipments to the Untied States and Canada. We generally use the U.S. Postal Service for shipments to other countries. For both services, we must have a STREET ADDRESS, rather than a Post Office Box.

A shipping and handling fee is added to all sales and rentals. Sale orders usually ship within three business days. For expedited shipment requests please call (800) 876-1710.

How do we return rental and preview tapes?
Return tapes to:

Fanlight Productions Media Library
190 Route 17M
Harriman, NY 10926

Please return a copy of the packing slip or invoice when returning the tape, to be sure that the return will be credited to your account. Rental and preview programs should be shipped on or before the return date indicated on your invoice or packing slip. Ship via a trackable courier such as UPS or DHL. It is not necessary to use Express Mail, Federal Express, or other expensive shipping methods unless you are late in returning the program. We'd rather have you save your money so you can buy more tapes from us.

Please, Please, PLEASE do not use cellulose fiber-filled shipping bags
(often referred to as "Jiffy Bags") when returning videotapes! These bags leak fibers which get into everything and may damage both the videocassette or DVD and any machine in which it is played. If programs returned to us are badly contaminated by such fibers, we reserve the right to refuse to accept them, and to bill you for a replacement. We suggest using either cardboard cartons or the type of shipping bags which are lined with plastic bubble-wrap (like the ones we use.) You can often reuse the bubble-pack bag you receive your tape in to ship it back to us.

What if I need to keep a preview or rental tape for longer than I originally planned?
It's almost never a problem to extend your preview period, but please give us a call to make sure, and to let us know when you will be returning it. Generally speaking, the same goes for rentals — for example if you have to postpone the class session or meeting at which you had planned to show the program. If you decide to keep the tape for additional showings, there may be extra charges involved, but we'll be glad to work that out with you when you call.

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