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Rights & Responsibilities

What are Public Performance Rights? Does our purchase of a video program include these rights?
Public Performance Rights enable the purchaser of a film or video program to show it to a public audience — for example, in a public meeting, or group showing at a library — as opposed to individual home use or use by a single viewer in a study carrel. Purchase of our programs normally does include Public Performance Rights. The rare exceptions are certain special discount offers, where we clearly specify "Home Use Only." The purchase of our films does not include the right to show them theatrically or where admission fees are charged to the general public.

Can my organization use the tape we purchased on our closed-circuit television or distance learning system?
We permit traditional (wired) closed-circuit transmission of our programs within one building or one contiguous campus only. Additional rights must be negotiated if you wish to transmit the show to off-site buildings, branch campuses or other locations. You must also obtain our written permission if your proposed use requires the copying of the program (e.g., onto a hard disk or into a different analog or digital format). The cost of such rights is related to the number and distance of the locations involved, but is usually quite reasonable. Feel free to give us a call for further information.

We are changing over to a digital video-on-demand system, or would like to stream your program to remote sites via the internet, or...
As you probably know, the new distribution methods made possible by the "digital revolution" have also created a number of thorny issues for media producers, distributors, and users. In an effort to meet the legitimate needs of our customers while protecting the rights of our program producers, Fanlight has developed a set of policies which we will be happy to discuss with you. We suggest you write or email us with a description of what you propose to do, what technology is involved, and what safeguards will be used to prevent unauthorized access. For more information, please contact us by email at or by phone at (718) 488-8900.

Can I show the program I purchased at a conference of my professional association?
Absolutely. We'd be delighted. We would encourage you to give us a call first, as we may be able to provide you and/or the conference organizers with backup materials or with additional appropriate videos. We may also be able to help out with promotion.

Can I edit the video I purchased, or include portions of it in a composite video or PowerPoint presentation?
Absolutely Not! We do not allow the editing or altering of any of our programs in any way, without prior authorization from Fanlight Productions and, usually, from the original producer as well. Nor do we allow videotaping, duplicating, or copying of our programs in any form or medium whatsoever. Unauthorized copying is a federal offense, and violators can be subject to severe penalties. We can sometimes make exceptions to this policy for a good reason, but only by prior discussion and written agreement.

Can I make an archival or backup copy of the video I purchased?
While duplication is not permitted, discounts are available for archival or additional copies. Archival copies may not be circulated but must be held in reserve in case something happens to the circulating tape. Archival copies can be purchased for 30 percent off of the purchase price if bought at the same time as the original, circulating tape. Discounts are also available if you wish to have multiple circulating copies of the same program.

What about replacement copies?
For most of our titles, if a videotape is lost, stolen or becomes damaged, we will replace it for the cost of 30 percent off of the current catalog price plus shipping. Please note that we will not be able to replace films which we no longer distribute.

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