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photo Autism: A World Apart
By Karen Cunninghame
for the Autism Society of America, Los Angeles chapter

Autism's cause is unknown. There is no cure, and it strikes each victim differently. In this candid documentary, three families show us what the textbooks and studies cannot: what it's like to live with autism day after day, to love and raise children who may be withdrawn, violent, and unable to make connections with their families.

The parents of six-year-old Jessica spend most of their time and resources trying to teach her simple skills of communication and daily living. Believing the condition has made them stronger, they are still heartbroken by the limitations it places on their daughter's future. After years of aggressive, unpredictable behavior, which strained their relations with each other and with their other children, Chris's parents placed him in a group home. He has since become more independent, and better able to interact with his family. While Greg's family feels it is time for him to live independently, they have not been able to find an appropriate placement.

29 minutes
© 1988
Purchase $195.00 DVD
Order No. QA-039
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-950-9

"An outstanding, sympathetic look at autism and at three coping, caring families." Booklist

"A sensitively presented introduction to the complex psychological and emotional issues surrounding family care for the autistic child." Video Rating Guide

Awards & Conference Screenings
Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival
Best of Category, Birmingham Film Festival
American Journal of Nursing Media Awards

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Autism: Warming to its Cold Embrace: A personal journey into a child's autism diagnosis with filmmaker Robert Parish.

The Spectrum of Autism: Children with autism may display a wide range of symptoms. In this video, we share in the experiences of several families and professionals who care for children at different points on the spectrum of autism.

Refrigerator Mothers: From the 1950's through the 1970's, autism was widely blamed on cold and rejecting mothers. This film explores the devastating impact of this misdiagnosis through the stories of seven mothers and their children.

Understanding Autism: Discusses the nature and symptoms of autism, and outlines a treatment program, based on behavioral modification, which can be used in schools or at home.


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