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photo Healthcare for the Homeless
You Can Never Give Up
By Ben Achtenberg

Health and mental health problems are key links in the chain of homelessness. Some homeless people had jobs, homes, and a measure of stability until an illness or accident undercut their way of life. For others, sickness and injury are simply consequences of daily life on the streets. This video by Oscar nominee Ben Achtenberg (Code Gray) looks at the healthcare needs of homeless people and families, and at some programs healthcare workers have created to meet those needs. It also illuminates some of the issues which homelessness raises for doctors, nurses, and providers in other settings, such as hospital emergency rooms or community clinics.

An invaluable tool for stimulating awareness and concern among health and social service workers and students, this program will also inspire all those who care about America's homeless.

33 minutes
© 1991
Purchase $199 DVD
Order No. QA-050
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-843-X

"Unforgettable images! Cuts to the core issues, while showing the connections between health and homelessness." Milestones

Awards & Conference Screenings
Distinction, American Medical Writers Association
Special Jury Award, NY Expo of Sort Film & Video
American Journal of Nursing Media Awards

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Peter, Donald, Willie, Pat: Video portraits of four homeless men living in a respite shelter, this video documents both their problems and their survival strategies.

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