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Public Health Nursing in its 100th Year
From the Washington State Public Health Associat

This video offers a look at the extraordinary stories of health professionals who often go unrecognized but who, for the past century, have met the public health needs of their communities by going to the people. This moving documentary takes viewers into the lives of public health nurses in both rural and urban communities. On a daily basis they tackle issues such as substance abuse, teen pregnancy, pediatric assessment and healthcare counseling, for people who often have limited access to healthcare and social services. Their involvement in the lives of the people they serve is a testament to the crucial role nurses play in health care. This program should be required viewing for all students considering a specialization in public health. Not Available for Rental.

33 minutes
© 1995
Purchase $150 DVD
Order No. QA-182

Awards & Conference Screenings
American Academy of Nursing Media Awards

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Awards & Screenings

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