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photo Professional Choices
Ethics at Work
Office of Ethics and Adjudication, NASW

This video presents interviews with social work practitioners, educators and administrators as they discuss the subject of ethical social work practice. The participants speak candidly about ethical issues that can arise for social workers and clients, and the video presents case scenarios that highlight the fine line between sound ethical practice and professional misconduct.

The segments cover frequently encountered ethical issues related to confidentiality, boundary issues, indiscretion, and client self-determination. Risk management and liability issues are also touched upon. This video is an unusually valuable and timely tool for social work practitioners, faculty and students, organization leaders and agency and licensing board administrators. Not Available for Rental

40 minutes
© 1995
Purchase $99 DVD
Order No. QA-187

"An excellent video! Covers key issues in practice in terms of ethical dilemmas. Exactly what I was looking for!" Carla Mueller, Lindenwood University

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