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photo Grave Words
Tools for Discussing End of Life Choices
By Maren Monsen, MD

Talking with patients about end-of-life care decisions is a challenge for many physicians and healthcare providers. Produced by a physician, this video takes a unique approach to this topic by blending humor, music, and insightful interviews to confront the issues that arise in these discussions. Nationally recognized experts offer their counsel in dealing with these issues and a reenacted "ideal conversation" between a physician and a terminally ill patient provides a model for doctors in carrying out these conversations in their own practices.

25 minutes
© 1996
Purchase $199 DVD
Order No. QA-224
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-865-0

"Combines light-hearted scenarios of poor to absurd communications with patients on issues of death and dying, with measured advice from physicians expert in such communications. Cultural sensitivity is briefly discussed, with an emphasis on respecting the patient's individuality rather than assuming a fit within cultural expectations." Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database

Awards & Conference Screenings
First Place, Intl. Health & Medical Film Festival
Second Place, Association for Death Education & Counseling
Bronze Apple, National Educational Media Network
Silver Medal, CINDY Competition
Gold Medal, Regional Cinema in Industry Competition
Silver Medal, International Cinema in Industry Competition

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