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photo Alzheimer's Disease: Inside Looking Out
By Joanne Frances Durante
Alzheimer's Association, Cleveland Area Chapter

"I'm afraid I'm like a piece of ice melting — that's how I feel — like all of a sudden I'm going to be nothing."

This touching video allows viewers to get a real and vivid sense of what it's like to experience the early stages of progressive memory loss. Eight people diagnosed with early Alzheimer's disease, ranging in age from 44 to 88, talk openly about the impact of the disease on their lives, about their feelings, and about how they and those they love are coping.

These articulate men and women describe frankly how the frightening diagnosis has affected their relationships with spouses, children and co-workers, as well as how they have had to adjust their lives to meet the new and unfamiliar needs and demands of the illness. Above all, they stress their right to be given accurate information about their diagnosis and to share in decision-making about their care. This video is both a learning tool and a tribute to the courage of its subjects. The openness with which the participants discuss their illness will help to overcome the denial and the sense of stigma which often surrounds Alzheimer's.

19 minutes
© 1995
Purchase $169 DVD
Order No. QA-376
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-959-2

"This excellent video portrays the strength of individuals behind the 'label' of Alzheimer's disease. Their faces and voices speak powerfully of the importance of openness, and the ability to accept and cope with this condition. The crucial role of family support is also illustrated." Robyn Yale, LCSW, Project Specialist in Aging and Alzheimer's Disease

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