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photo A Culture Undiscovered
The Impact of Learning Disabilities on Racially and Ethnically Diverse Students
By Miguel Gallardo, PsyD

Colleges and universities have begun to expand their efforts to integrate and accommodate students with learning disabilities. In the process, though, they have sometimes failed to take account of the different needs and experiences of students from diverse racial and/or ethnic backgrounds. A Culture Undiscovered explores the interplay between cultural and educational issues as they are experienced in the daily lives of six students from African-American, Asian-American and Hispanic or Latino backgrounds. In interviews with producer Miguel Gallardo, then a clinical psychology graduate student, they offer perceptive accounts of the obstacles and stereotypes they have encountered, the impact on their relationships with their parents and home communities, and the cultural values and expectations that have influenced their ability to cope with the diagnosis. This is an important resource for students, faculty and professional staff who work with students who have learning disabilities. Professional perspectives are provided by a Coordinator of Disabled Student Services and a Psychologist who counsels students with disabilities.

36 minutes
© 1999
Purchase $149.00 DVD
Order No. QA-380
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-922-3
close captioned

"Honest and insightful. Provocatively explores the interplay between culture and educational issues as they are experienced in the daily lives of students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Their personal perspectives will open others' minds to the obstacles, frustrations, and stereotypes such students have experienced. An important resource." International Journal of Intercultural Relations

"Recommended for secondary and post-secondary libraries, and for learning disabled resource collections in colleges and high schools. Useful for raising faculty and staff awareness of learning disabilities in higher education and appropriate as a peer resource for students." Educational Media Reviews

"Effectively portrays bright and motivated college students coping with their disabilities emotionally and intellectually. [They] relate their personal stories more convincingly than subject experts ever could." Science Books & Films

Awards & Conference Screenings
Association on Higher Education and Disabilities
Learning Disabilities Association of California

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