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photo Matt Kailey: A Conversation
By Matthew Kailey and D. Robin Hammer
Matthew Kailey, MA

"Sex is physical and gender is mental, and they don't always coincide. To me, that's transgendered — when those two things don't coincide." Matt Kailey

This video portrait illuminates issues surrounding sexuality, gender, and identity in an unusually open and accessible way. Matt Kailey, a female-to-male transsexual, is a writer and workshop leader who understands gender identity as a continuum. Speaking from the perspective of his own day-to-day life, he looks at the subtle and not-so-subtle ways in which biology, psychology, and society interact in forming our understandings of who we are. His liberating message and perspectives challenge the social categories and constrictions imposed on all of us.

"I know way more about how women feel than I do about how men feel. But I also have been treated now as male, and have been able to experience the world as male...We certainly have more in common than we do not."

In these informal conversations with the camera, he is honest, introspective, frequently funny and — for the most part — comfortable both with himself and with the way others see him. This is an insightful, multi-layered look at gender roles, social expectations, identity politics and much more, offered in a style that is warm, light-hearted, and embracing, and appropriate for audiences from high school up.

"If I got a flat tire or my car broke down, I used to get out and stand by the car and once I had three different carloads of guys stop within ten minutes to find out if they could help... The first time I got a flat tire as a man, I got out and stood by my car and nobody stopped. I had to read the owner's manual..."

Matt Kailey is an award-winning author whose work focuses on issues of gender and sexuality. Tranifesto, a collection of Matt's columns and essays, deals with his transition from female to male, as does his forthcoming memoir, Most Changed Since High School. He regularly speaks and presents workshops for college, university and business audiences, and for community groups. He can be reached through his website:

20 minutes
© 2004
Purchase $149 DVD
Order No. QA-394

"This short film accomplishes more in twenty minutes than a panel of experts could do in hours. It stimulates thinking on a topic that is at the forefront of need-to-know issues for modern workplaces, organizations, and educational institutions." Renee V. McCormick, PhD, American Psychological Association Ad Hoc Committee on Film

"Moving and contemporary...with raw sensitivity and a dry wit, Matt talks openly about his transition from a woman to a man, and the complexities of his changing gender role and sexual identity." Educational Media Reviews

Awards & Conference Screenings
American Psychological Association
Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
OUT TAKES Dallas Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Inside Out: Toronto's Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Denver International GLBT Film Festival

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