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photo White Cane and Wheels
By Paul Apelgren

Carmen once dreamed of a career on the stage, despite being legally blind since she was 18, due to retinitis pigmentosa. Steve imagined a life on the screen, but his plans were ended by the physical ravages of muscular dystrophy. Today, the theater of their lives is defined by the walls of their tiny apartment, where Steve spends much of the day watching old movies and providing audio description for Carmen. Fiercely independent, Carmen navigates the cluttered streets of their neighborhood with her white cane and unflagging determination, and she struggles to motivate Steve to get out in his wheelchair every day, if only to the grocery.

Married for fourteen years, Carmen and Steve are not exactly disability poster kids. "I'm a terrible blind person," says Carmen, while Steve comments, "I don't like to be in gatherings with so many people in wheelchairs. It makes me feel weird." As chronicled by filmmaker Paul Apelgren, who is Carmen's nephew, this unlikely pair confront the day-to-day demands of apartment living with grace and mostly good humor. White Cane and Wheels is an exploration of a relationship filled with frustration, but held together with patience, stubbornness, forgiveness and love.

DVD version has both closed-captions and audio description.

26 minutes
© 2004
Purchase $199 DVD
Order No. QA-451
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-840-5
close captioned

"Will give students an important and different depth of awareness. Highly Recommended." Educational Media Reviews Online

Awards & Conference Screenings
Best Social Issue Film, International
Student Documentary Competition
Premiere on Cinemax
Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee
DocuWeek Theatrical Documentary Showcase
Pacific Palisades Film Fest
Detroit Docs
International Student Film Festival Hollywood

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Awards & Screenings

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