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photo Meds
Gary and Krista Ledbetter
Anna Ledbetter

This intimate documentary explores the ups and downs experienced by a diverse group of people with mental illnesses, who have been prescribed psychiatric medications to gain control over their lives. For many, as one of them says, their meds have been "a godsend — because many years ago, there were no such things as medications and terrible things happened to people with mental illness." For others, though, the side effects of the meds, including metabolic syndrome, tremors, involuntary pacing, sexual difficulties, depression and paranoia, have become immobilizing: "You start to get tremors or just different things that are more abnormal to you than the illness itself."

The interviewees candidly discuss the positive impact medications have had in controlling the devastating symptoms of their illnesses, as well as the side effects — the reasons some may choose not to take medications, while others work with their doctors to try alternatives, adjust their dosages, and somehow learn to live with a steady diet of medications. They also talk about lifestyle changes that help them live with their conditions. Ultimately, the possibility of again succumbing to the symptoms of their illnesses keeps most of the participants in this film on their meds, while learning new coping strategies in order to live a healthy life.

29 minutes
© 2006
Purchase $229 DVD
Order No. QA-460
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-861-8
close captioned

Awards & Conference Screenings
Merit Award, Intercom 2007
Western Psychological Association
WorldFest Houston Film Festival,
Platinum Remi Award

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Awards & Screenings

Related Films

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