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photo Untold Desires
By Eva Orner and Sarah Stephens

From Oscar-winning producer Eva Orner (Taxi to the Dark Side), this powerful, unusual documentary gives voice to people with disabilities who are struggling to be recognized as sexual beings, free to explore their sexuality and to lead sexually fulfilling lives. More than ten years after its first screening the film still has the power to confront audiences with its uncompromising message that the sexuality of people with disabilities is as diverse as that of the rest of the population.

An intriguing variety of men and women speak candidly and often humorously about their search, discussing gender identity, choice, privacy, pleasure, prejudice, and their right to affirming relationships which may also include the right to have children. There are stories of how conservative and repressive some caregivers and health professional can be when confronting their clients’ sexuality. Others speak of the ambivalent attitudes of family and friends about their need to take emotional risks.

Untold Desires confronts common stereotypes, instead offering positive and appealing images for people with disabilities, affirming that they can be outspoken, intelligent and sexy. It is thought-provoking and challenging viewing for those whose lives are untouched by disability, and addresses issues which non-disabled people too may encounter at points in their lives.

57 minutes
© 1994
Purchase $248 DVD
Order No. QA-500
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-500-7

"A frank, challenging and exhilarating examination of sexuality." The Age

Awards & Conference Screenings
Best Television Documentary, AFI
Most Outstanding Documentary, Logie Awards
Best Documentary, International Human Rights Awards
Best Documentary, Australian Film Institute Awards
Silver Medal, Prix Leonardo, Italy

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