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photo Healthlink Curriculum for Nurses and DVD
A curriculum by United Cerebral Palsy of New York City

Studies show that people with disabilities frequently receive inadequate healthcare from well-meaning, but insensitive care-providers. Patients with disabilities and doctors often communicate ineffectively, medical facilities are often inaccessible, and there tends to be a lack of emphasis on prevention and wellness for these patients.

HEALTHLINK CURRICULUM FOR NURSES is a field-tested curriculum designed for nurses and nursing students to better teach the needs of children and adults with disabilities who are medically fragile.

The three-hour course is broken down into three modules, consisting of a lecture, a video, case vignettes, interviews, group exercises, and sensitivity training. It is designed to help students reflect upon their perceptions and assumptions and how attitude and personal biases might impact their delivery of healthcare.

Users of the curriculum will learn, among other things, to sensitively discuss health disparities between people with disabilities and those without; to identify the barriers to healthcare that people with disabilities face, and some strategies to surmount them; to explain the role played by the physical and social environment in the disabling process; to describe ways that nurses can assist people with disablities to feel more comfortable during doctor visits; and to apply best practice principles to case study vignettes.

The curriculum also includes a DVD that can be used as an additional part of the curriculum, or as a standalone presentation. The DVD is accompanied by a teaching guide designed to help teachers and trainers underline the core concepts presented on the DVD and engage participants through questions and exercises.

Created by United Cerebral Palsy of New York City, the curriculum has field-tested positively with both nurses and nursing students. Training participants have included Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing, the Execu/Search Group, and Kingsborough Community College school of nursing.

The DVD contains subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH), which are available as a separate option on the main menu.

Note: HEALTHLINK is a teaching curriculum that consists of a 60-minute DVD (w/ SDH subtitles), a 42-page spiral-bound curriculum, a 24-page teaching guide, and a CD-ROM with an 86-slide PowerPoint presentation

60 minutes
© 2011
Purchase $349.00 DVD
Order No. QA-582

"HealthLink for Nurses has had a terrific impact on our students. The class gives students an ecellent overview of disability, and, even more importantly, they get to feel what everyday life is like from the patient's perspective. It is sure to enhance the care that students and nurses provide to their patients." —Janet Mackin, RN, EdD, Dean of Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing

"As a student nurse, I found it immensely helpful...I believe the knowledge gained from your curriculum can truly help us acknowledge our fears, apprehensions and shortcomings when it comes to providing care for patients with disabilities." —Cara Lluch, Student, Philips Beth Israel School of Nursing

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