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photo Semicolon; the Adventures of Ostomy Girl
A film by Robin Greenspun

Meet Dana, a feisty, funny, and charming 25-year-old at a crossroads... but not the kind you might expect. Dana lives with a severe case of Crohn's Disease that she battles every single day-it is unrelenting and she has been fighting it nearly all her life. Spending as much time in the hospital as out, Dana depends on intravenous nutrition, constant vigilance, and a wicked sense of humor to keep her alive. Now she faces the daunting task of deciding how she wants to live the rest of her life-coping with the limitations and rigors of her current routine or taking a leap of faith on a complicated transplant that could give her a chance at the normal life she has never known.

83 minutes
© 2014
Purchase $248.00 DVD
Order No. QA-SEMI
close captioned

"Laugh-out-loud funny."

"An informational and emotional experience."19 Action News

Doesn't shy away from frank discussions or gallows toilet humor."Vegas Seven

"25-year-old Dana Bernstein faces Crohn's Disease with impish good humor."Nashville Scene

"Remarkable."Idea Stream

"Dana's probably the funniest and most lighthearted person you'll see on screen this year."Dish Mag

"Inspiring."Health Experience Project

"Dana gives viewers an honest, enlightening, and heartwarming look at what it means to live with severe Crohn’s disease, with her own brand of humor that makes you feel like you’ve known her for years."Dr. James Merlino, Cleveland Clinic

"It is beautifully done—with warmth, humor, and accuracy. It will be an inspiration to everyone who is fortunate to view it."Judith Arner Brown, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America

Awards & Conference Screenings
** Best Documentary, Independent Spirit Award
** Sedona International Film Festival
** Nashville Film Festival
** Cleveland International Film Festival
** Richmond International Film Festival
** Palm Beach International Film Festival
** Las Vegas Film Festival
** Chagrin Documentary Film Festival


Awards & Screenings

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To rent or purchase this film, please visit the Icarus Films website